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Comic: Man in Wild



Trick or Zombie Treat: Excerpt 2

My new Halloween-themed novel, Trick or Zombie Treat is available on Amazon. You can always read a free sample of the beginning of the book there. But the story starts a bit slow, so I decided to post an except from the middle of the book, once the action and horror has heated up.

To set up the scene, five boys have discovered that they turned into actual versions of their Halloween costumes after eating magical candy from a witch’s house.

Aaron is a giant. Rich has a machine gun. Tommy has a jetpack and laser gun. Brandon is a ghost. And Donny is a lizard.

The boys have decided to return to the witch’s house to get her to cure Donny. Then, while walking up the driveway to her house, they start hearing noises in the darkness… Continue reading

TRICK OR ZOMBIE TREAT: A Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror/Comedy Novel


Like many writers, I have a list of hundreds of half-baked ideas that I hope to one day turn into full-fledged stories. One such idea was kids on Halloween transforming into actual versions of their costumes. Last September, I decided to write it as a short story, hoping to finish in time for Halloween.

Cut to one year and 66,000 words later, and my short story is now a full-length novel. Continue reading