Feature Screenplays:

  • Playing ZeldaA high school coming of age dramedy.
  • A Nickel in Time – Sci-fi comedy: A screenwriter researching a movie about time travel accidentally gets transported fifty years into the future.
  • Roses Are Blue A mystery/thriller set in Niagara Falls. A prison psychologist’s husband goes missing, and his patient/prisoner, a troubled young woman, claims to know where he is.
  • Socratic MethodA crime thriller in which a serial killer targets victims based on the philosophy of Socrates and Plato.
  • ProlepsisA sci-fi time-travel noir.
  • Cyber PunksSci-fi action thriller set in future NYC post-singularity: A brain hacker and a hoverboarding slacker team up to attempt to save the world from a digital brain virus that causes everyone to freeze.
  • TV HeavenFantasy/comedy set in a magical town where famous TV characters go when their show ends.
  • FinsCrime drama set in the San Francisco black market shark finning trade.
  • 22nd Century Love – A peek into the future of love and relationships between humans and androids.
  • The SpecA meta-comedy about a screenwriter narrating his own script (about a screenwriter trying a sell a script) as he writes it.

Short films:

  • A Day Called XSet in a post-apocalyptic underground bunker.
  • Pre-ProlepsisA time-travel bank heist.
  • Bastards of Bond – A comedy about the illegitimate children of 007.

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