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TimeMail: Time Travel Email


Mark, a pizza delivery driver in the year 2016, receives a message in his inbox, sent from his own email address, claiming to be himself from 30 years in the future. Continue reading


I am Invisible: A Short Story

I am Invisible is a surreal slipstream short story about a young man who wakes up one day to discover he is invisible.  Written in a heightened poetic style, the story is inspired by Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis and touches on similar themes of social anxiety, alienation, and depression. I am Invisible is currently available on Amazon. Read below for a preview of the story.


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Under Space: A Short Story


“Under Space” is a science fiction short story that I originally published on this website a couple of years ago. I had only written screenplays back then, and “Under Space” was my first attempt at prose. Looking back, it was a little rough, so I re-edited the story and created a new cover. The updated version of the 6,500-word short story is now available on Amazon . You can still read a free sample of the story at the original link here. Continue reading