Short Story: Hacking Mars


4l4nwins has connected.

haxg0d: yo

4l4nwins: sup


4l4nwins: ?

haxg0d: click it

4l4nwins: wtf, y?

haxg0d: just click it

4l4nwins: the mars rover? who gives a shit

haxg0d: just watch the video

4l4nwins: wow… red dirt

haxg0d: it’s a live feed

4l4nwins: idc

haxg0d: left turn… reverse… right turn

4l4nwins: what? u think i actually think u can predict the future?

haxg0d: zoom in… pan left… zoom out

4l4nwins: im no n00b. u just have a faster video feed than me

haxg0d: no… watch this

4l4nwins: wtf dude? y r u making me watch this rover drive around in circles?

haxg0d: look at the dirt

4l4nwins: ?

haxg0d: the tire tracks…

4l4nwins: holy shit. it says “haxg0d”

haxg0d: ty

4l4nwins: wtf dude? ur controlling the rover?

haxg0d: 😉

4l4nwins: omg… u hacked nasa?!?

haxg0d: lol

4l4nwins: ur going to get in so much trouble

haxg0d: those n00bs can’t trace me

4l4nwins: smh

haxg0d: I AM HAXG0D!!!

4l4nwins: now what r u doing?

haxg0d: wait for it…

4l4nwins: lololol

haxg0d: 😉

4l4nwins: u drew a dick on mars?! lol, EPIC!

haxg0d: ty

4l4nwins: now what r u gonna do

haxg0d: idk… go cruising

4l4nwins: lol, nice

4l4nwins: damn, that rover is pretty fast

haxg0d: lol yea

haxg0d: wtf

4l4nwins: ?

4l4nwins: y’d u stop driving?

haxg0d: wtf! did u see that?

4l4nwins: what?

haxg0d: a fuckin person

4l4nwins: lol stfu

haxg0d: for real dude. i saw someone walking in the distance

4l4nwins: nice try. i know ur jk

haxg0d: i’m serious. wtf was that?

4l4nwins: there are no fuckin people on mars u n00b

haxg0d: i saw him on the rover feed

4l4nwins: oh yea? well ur controlling the camera. so prove it. show me this “person”

haxg0d: im trying…

4l4nwins: WTF!

haxg0d: u saw him too?


haxg0d: i know, right… wtf????

4l4nwins: i saw his face right before the feed went out

haxg0d: me too

4l4nwins: wtf did u do? y is the feed black now?

haxg0d: i didn’t do shit

haxg0d: whoever we saw on the feed must have turned the camera off

4l4nwins: who the fuck was that? a fuckin martian?

haxg0d: no, u saw his face… he was human

4l4nwins: there are no fuckin humans on mars

haxg0d: wtf is going on?

4l4nwins: idk

haxg0d: brb

4l4nwins: y

haxg0d: my doorbell just rang

4l4nwins: lol it’s probably the FBI

haxg0d: yea, lol

4l4nwins: yt

4l4nwins: ?

4l4nwins: wtf dude, yt?

4l4nwins: who was at the door?

4l4nwins: f u hax, this isn’t funny

4l4nwins: you still there????????

4l4nwins: answer me!!!

haxg0d has disconnected.

Admin: Take your headphones off.

4l4nwins: wtf

4l4nwins: who is this?

Admin: Take your headphones off.

4l4nwins: hax? r u fuckin with me?

Admin: Take your headphones off, Alan.

4l4nwins: WTF

4l4nwins: how do you know my name?

Admin: Take your headphones off, Alan, so you can hear us knocking on your door.

4l4nwins has disconnected.


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